Learning Materials

All students enrolled in the school are on differentiated learning programmes. A combination of offline materials is employed, some commercially available and others made by teachers at the school. 

Carnarvon School of the Air also uses platforms such as Office 365 to develop student and home tutor resources.

Return of Materials

Red vinyl zip-up bags are provided for the return of completed work and associated resources. Please do not hoard these, otherwise, we will run short. When you open one of these bags, please turn around the address label to show the school’s Reply Paid address. This can be done via the unsealed slot found on the inside of the red bags and at the edge of the address cover on the red bags. This will ensure that the bag is ready to be filled with completed work for the return trip to school. 

Other items (resources, books, videotapes etc.) can be returned in the vinyl bags. However, if the class teacher is due to visit, please hold these resources and return them to the school as it is a great saving on postage.

The school pays all mailing costs, as long as parents use either the red bags or the Reply Paid stickers. To obtain further supplies of “Reply Paid” stickers for envelopes, please contact the Registrar. If you have heavy items to return, please contact the manager corporate services to ascertain the preferred delivery method.