Carnarvon School of the Air Parents & Citizens Association

A warm welcome to all the new parents and home tutors who have joined Carnarvon School of the Air – and welcome back to those who are returning from their break.
The P & C at CSOTA is quite a unique one as we are not only here to do the odd fund raising project or busy bee that you might get at an ordinary school, but we are also here as a support system for each other.

The first thing you will be saying as you open all your packages from the school will quite possibly be one of the following: “You have to be joking, all THESE packages, where do I start?” “They expect my little angel to do all this work?” “Where is all the work” “Heck, I’m not a teacher! I can’t do this! What do I do first?” and of course, “Where is the …..”

Whatever the question is, it’s been asked before. Whatever the problem is, it’s been dealt with before – and by just one parent or tutor, but several!
Whatever problem you see your child having – behavioural, learning, physical, genius, struggling – someone out there has had the same issues before.
One of our long time parents made comment in her ‘leaving speech’ after 11 years at CSOTA, “It was not always easy, but it was a privilege to be able to teach your own children”.

As with all things in life, the path is not always easy and there may be many trials and tribulations along the way.
That’s where we as a P & C can help as a support group. We can put you in touch with the right person to act as a mentor whether it’s a specific problem or a kaleidoscope of difficulties.We have P & C meetings on a regular basis with a minimum of 1 per term, starting with the AGM at Home Tutors Seminar in March. We have a strong P & C with a history of being actively involved in many aspects of the school, not only limited to fundraising.
In the past we have written cook books, history books, run BBQ’s, cricket matches, Race Meets, sold raffle tickets, cake stalls, bull sale luncheons, sold souvenirs, hosted and catered for functions, grown Giant Pumpkins and built Junior Dragon Boats and much, much more.

But the most important thing we do is support each other.

The friendships we make over the Sat web and on the telephone are very special. I can’t recommend enough to you how important it is to try and get to the home tutor seminar and the other camps to put a face to the voices. At the end of the camp you will return home more confident with your teaching and enriched by the tales from other tutors and mothers. And one of the best things about camps is that you will return home with a child who is eager to learn – for they have also met Bill or Sally who they share their Sat web lessons with – not to mention their teachers. You will also meet mothers who have ‘graduated’ from CSOTA – or are just about to – and, Crikey! On the whole, they still seem quite sane!There are so many parents and tutors out there with a wealth of experience and geographically spread throughout the Gascoyne. They have heaps of hints and tips and are very sympathetic listeners.

Welcome to our school community!